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Meet Barbie

Next Chapter Coach

Helping you improve the value of your life is very important to me. I am a committed partner to women, couples, and families who want to transform their lives from a frenzy of striving, to the peace of thriving in life. 

I approach coaching with compassion and a healthy dose of honest feedback. 

My goal is to use your values and beliefs as the foundation of our conversations. I respect anyone willing to be authentic and vulnerable by responding without judgment or bias. I will cheer you on to brainstorm options and solutions that connect with your goals.


My husband Bob and I blended our families 10 years ago, each bringing three kids to the party. The youngest 2 kiddos are finishing their last year of college - then we will be full-time empty nesters!

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New York City Street

The Roads I've Traveled

What areas of your life do you want to change, but just not sure where to start? I coach with the empathy and clarity that God helped me develop as I walked through many different life experiences. 

I’m grateful for the perspectives gained from a variety of careers and situations: corporate employee, advocate for pregnant teenagers, childbirth and infant massage instructor, child development and parenting course instructor, home educator and administrator of a home education cooperative program. 

My experiences and challenges created the foundation for my approach to coaching. You don’t have to walk down the road you're on alone, I am here for you. 


  • Freedom from “performance pressure” and “people pleasing”

Raised as a pastor’s kid and wife to a pastor


  • Hope after loss

Infertility, betrayal and divorce, job loss


  • Resisting doubt 

            Author, speaker, and small business owner


  • Escape from the “comparison trap”

College transition, career changes, parenting


  • Perseverance thru multiple “next chapters” in life

            Career changes from corporate to social work to author to life coach

            Home educator from preschool to high school 

            Single parenting

            Blending families

            End-of-life caregiver

Personality Profile

Enneagram 2w3, The Giver: 

strong communicator 

focuses on building relationships



values improving the lives of others


Myers Briggs, The Maximizer: 

refines others strengths 

motivates others to excellence                         

compelled to nurture others 

drawn to problem-solving 

faces challenges with productivity versus complaints

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- Christian Life Coach - Level 1
(Institute for Life Coach Training)

- Pursuing Associate Certified Coach
(International Coaching Federation)

- SYMBIS Marriage Assessment Life Coach

- Childbirth Education Instructor

- DOULA + Breastfeeding Consultant

- Infant Massage Instructor for Parents Instructor

- DENVER II, Child Development Assessment Facilitator

- Redirecting Children’s Behavior, Parenting Class Instructor

Barbie Magruder_4.jpg
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